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The reason I love video games

Hits home

My chest hurts.

I can feel more successful when playing video games than doing anything in real life, because since I play multiplayer games I’ll occasionally get complimented on my work, and that just feel nice. You feel… appreciated.

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Hemp is a Sensible, Sustainable, Highly-Industrializable Plant

We should utilize it. Hemp could solve many problems.

END PROHIBITION. It is NOT just about smoking.


And you forgot a big one: it is excellent at trapping carbon! Plants pull the carbon dioxide out of the air, turn the carbons into other compounds and release the oxygen, thus cooling the planet.

It is illegal because all the money-grubbing corporations that produce things that hemp could replace. Cotton,lumber,paper etc. would all take hits. Which they do not want. So they pocket government officials with cash to keep it illegal. It is a great idea but as long as the love and power of money is greater than the love of the common good of the planet and the people who live on it. Things like Hemp will remain illegal.

You can say I am crazy but that is exactly what they want you to think. They want you thinking we are all pot smoking hippies living on our moms couches. Instead of lovers of our dear mother Earth and fighters for the common good of all who call her home.

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and this is why we cosplay

those two dudes made each other’s days.

So cute

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You have to be odd to be number one.

Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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let me lay down some facts for you:

  • aliens are real
  • horoscopes are real
  • skeletons are real
  • star wars is probably real
  • linkin park is almost too real

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